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Loki/Sif Video - Clarity

I heard this song the other month, Clarity by Zedd, and it struck me immediately how perfect it was for Loki and Sif - or at least my headcanon for their dysfunctional, angsty relationship.

Anyway, I couldn't resist making a video for them to the song, so I hope you enjoy watching it.

The Doctor and River Song

Ok, so I still have lots of River/Doctor feelings from yesterday’s finale. I’ve tried to articulate them in this post, to try and get it out of my system! Not sure if it worked, but anyhoo!

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Ok, it's been over 24 hours, but I still have a lot of thoughts and feelings and fangirling flailings. It was one pretty epic, mind boggling and heartbreaking, epic episode. Definitely up there with one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes ever.

So, below are all my random thoughts, which are still not that articulate, even after a day thinking about it all!

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A Dragon Moves Amongst Us

Chapters 12 - 15

Fandom - Thor (2011 Film), Sif/Loki
Rating - Teenage
Summary - During one of their many adventures, Sif runs into a dragon who looks and acts just like Loki. She doesn't realise it's only a trick and finds herself in a lot of trouble, in more ways than one...
Genre - Romance/Fantasy

So, I was set a drabble challenge by mechelune to write a Sif/Loki story where Sif meets a dragon who looks and acts like Loki. The result was a lot longer than a drabble because I've been having such fun writing it.

I've been a bit lax in posting the latest chapters here, but I've now written chapter 15 of this story. You can catch up from Chapter 12 at fanfic.net, with more on its way soon.

Or you can read the story from the beginning here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the chapters!
Here's the next few parts to eolivet meme for Downton Abbey, Mary and Matthew and the actor Dan Stevens.

Days 6 to 12 are under the cut and will contain spoilers:

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So eolivet started this great meme on the first of February based on Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey - and also Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew.

I know I'm a bit late to the table, but I thought I'd have a go too. I'll post all the days so far to catch up, so I'm not behind any more!

The posts will no doubt contain spoilers for all Downton Abbey, series 3 and the Christmas special 2012 included.

Here's the list of the days' questions:
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Everlark and Everthorne - my thoughts

So, I was inspired by an ask on Tumblr to write a very long post about my Everlark and Everthorne thoughts and feelings.

It got long, very long, but I thought I'd post it hear too. Spoilers on all three books beneath the cut. Read more...Collapse )
I have a lot of thoughts and feelings and fears for Catching Fire regarding them upping the Gale/Katniss scenes. They do contain spoilers for the rest of the books, so be warned.

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The Wrong Prince

Chapter 15

Fandom - Thor (2011 Film), Sif/Loki
Rating - Teenage
Summary - Sif has never done what everyone expects of her, so why should they be surprised when she chooses the wrong prince?
Genre - Romance/Angst
Status - Work in Progress, Chapter 15 of 25?
Word Count - 3, 301 words

Written for the prompt on LJ's Norsekink - Sif's the perfect Asgardian woman. She's of noble birth, she's beautiful, she's a great warrior. EVERYONE, from Odin Allfather to the lowliest servant, expects her to marry Thor. But then she and Loki elope.

This is the story of how that elopement comes to pass. Set post Thor and post Avengers (though I started writing it long before I’d seen Avengers Assemble.

Read the latest chapter, chapter 15, here.

This chapter, the test continues, but will Sif be strong enough to pass?

Or you can start at the beginning of their adventure here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it! More chapters are on their way soon.

Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Ok, so I finally had chance to watch it last night and I was definitely not happy with the ending – but I’ll come to that later.

Firstly, I just want to say that as a whole, I quite liked the Christmas special. It was nowhere near as perfect as the last, and I wasn’t too keen on setting it in summer, but for the most part, it was good.

So here are my thoughts and it does contain spoilers for the last series and Christmas special.

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